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  We are living in a globalized world and the cross-cultural communications are increasingnowadays. In other words, we have never been so closely connected with each other in thehuman histories. As a philosopher has pointed out, nobody is an isolated island. If we wantto have a bright future, we need more cooperation for the development. Therefore, teamspirit is very important. It is an bility that people can understand each other and cooperatewith each other for the successful completion of some important tasks.We need such kind ofability in particular during the globalization for several reasons.


  First of all, team spirit offers us a platform where we can operate our collective talent towork out thebest. Only when we work effectively together can we have the best chance to getthe success. Taking the 2008 Beijing Olympics for example, I think the success of the eventfirst goes to the superb team spirit of the organizers and millions of volunteers.So manypeople work hard and cooperate well for the single aim and the solitary goal: anexceptional Olympics for the whole world. A lot of student volunteers in Beijing arecommitted and work tirelessly during the hot summer. History has witnessed their brilliantteamwork and valuable contributions.What is more,team spirit is quite useful for personalcareer.


  As young students,we must learn the core and sharpen our skills in the team.If you work ina company,most of the time you have to finish or design a huge project with your colleagues.Each person can contribute their wisdom to the completion of the task. You cannot do it sowell single-handedly. When we watchthe Olympic Games on TV, we are so amazed by theexcellent performances of the players. If they want to win the gold medals, they mustcompete as one person and exercise their own part well for the whole success.So we can saythe team spirit is the secret of success.


  Finally,team spirit is the symbol of national power and strength. As we all know,theChinese delegationhas won the most medals during the 2008 Olympics and all Chinese peopleare so proud of our country. Another example is the touching power of the team spirit in theSichuan earthquake. We were moved by the perseverance and persistence of the rescueworkers, who were eager to help their compatriots.


  In conclusion, team spirit is an important ability and skill in the 21th century because we areall facedwith the globalization and the question of how to live better. Therefore, we mustlearn to work well in the team and let the team spirit guide us to success.



  China’s economy is not immune to the influence of the global economic crisis. As China’seconomy is heavily dependent on global trade and investment flows, the global economicslowdown has already had a negative impact on China’s export sector and industries. Thereare some observations that our economy is alreadyslowing down. In response, many scholarscall on Chinese people to spend more money to create domestic demands in various magazinesand newspapers. They even equal consumption with being patriotic. In my point ofview, weshould hold the strings of purse tight, instead of spending more.


  Firstly, as even some economic big shots acknowledge that they can not see the bottom of theglobal economic crisis, we should get prepared by holding the strings of our purse tight incase that the crisis lasts longer than anticipated. In terms of traditions, Chinese people haveformed the habit of saving money for long-term consideration. While many foreigners accuseChinese of being conservative, it is time-honored wisdom to save money for emergencies inthe future.


  As a matter of fact, many foreign countries are characterized by their advanced welfaresystems, so that they can still make their needs meet in times of crisis. In China, while weadmit that the government has made progress in the establishment of social securitysystems, there are still many members of our society that are not included in social securitysystems. Therefore, it is impractical to call on those excluded members of the social securitysystems to spend more money.


  Secondly, though Chinese people earn more money than before in the aggregate, themajority of us still do not amass enough wealth to live a guaranteed life. According to thelatest release of national incomes, urban citizens earn a per capita income of 15, 781 yuanwhile people in the rural areas earn only 4, 761 yuan. However, we must bear in mind thatwealth amassed by relatively limited number of millionaires and billionaires contribute a largeshare of the per capita income growth. Many people in the rural areas and those laid-off andunemployed workers can not even earn an average income. I think everyone wants to live aluxurious life, but without enough money how can they make it?


  To sum up, in a time of economic slowdown, we should hold the strings of our purse tight sothat we can tide ourselves over in case of emergencies.And it is impractical to call on spendingmore when China is still a developing country. As an alternative, I think we can boycottexports of foreign goods so that we can still create domestic demands.



  Although Chinese people have gradually become wealthy more or less due to the reform andopening-up policy,they have oftentimes been troubled by a lack of friends that they can takeinto their confidence. Thisobservation manifests itself most vividly in a line cited from themovie.If You Are the One,that is,“Ido not lack money but friends”.Ironically,in the cellphone contact list of an average person,the number of cell phone numbers may reach a coupleof hundreds.One can not help wondering if modern people become lonelier thanbefore.Personally,I hold the opinion that modern people do become lonelier than before.


  Firstly,due to the urbanizing process at an unprecedented speed,the society became moremobile,for more and more people migrate from one city to another to seek fortune.Nowadayspeople in cities are consisted of migrate workers from rural areas,college graduates in pursuitof their dreams, businessmen across the country and the local. Given the fact that peoplefrom different regions have different subcultures,people tend to reject people with differentbackgrounds.Besides,as people are more interested in making money, they are more likelyto conflict in interest.No wonder that circle of confidants has shrunk dramatically and thenumber of people with whom to discuss important matters has spirally increased.


  Secondly,while people are able to benefit from the advancement of new technologies, theyare likely to depend more upon technologies instead of friends. Communication technologiessuch as the Internet and phones let people stay in contact with other people who are fromremote areas, and spend time on the phone and the Internet communications instead ofdealing with people face to face. Network games have gained their popularity to such anextent that many spend most of their spare time in playing network games and hencetheybecome apathetic to have a good time with friends face to face. That face time seems morelikely to develop friendships.


  As a result,the reduced face time would translate into a loose network between friends.Insum,urbanization has reduced the intimacy between human beings and makes them lesslikely to make friends than in the past and the advancement of modern technology also makespeople more apathetic by reducing face-to-face contact with friends.I hope people canregain the intimacy between friends as before.










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